Hello Everyone

After a lot of requests from friends and women that have travelled with me over the years to India,  I have decided to start a blog which will enable me to keep you updated on what is happening now,   the book will have to wait!!   Twenty five  years of travelling is a lot of writing,  but thank you all for encouraging me.

I recently had a remark put on one of my galleries which said   ‘ You have had an amazing life,  as reflected in your wonderful photograph’s   That made me stop and think about all the people that I have met  over the years, and friends that I have  lost touch with, and friends are very important.

For those of you that don’t know, I am now living in Spain in a small village called Saleres, that sits tucked away in the Lecrin Valley. Life has not changed very much over the years, mules still carry fruit from the campo, olives are picked by the locals and vans deliver  fresh food everyday. The supermarket dash is a thing of the past.  Vegetables and fruit stay fresh a lot longer and have more taste.  Wild herbs are everywhere and the seasons are very clear, wall to wall sunshine completes the picture.



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