Looking Good

not driving over lemons, walking with oranges!

basil in olive oil
All I have to do is wait 4 weeks, and then I can tell you what I think, and I think it is going to be good.

tomatoes just picked and tasting delicious

It is well known that the oranges that grow in the Lecrin valley are the sweetest in Spain,  and all you have to do is pick them up as you walk.


Infusing What!

garlic & marjoram

If anyone had said 3 years ago that I would be drying herbs and making tea infusions I would have laughed!

My world has changed, the area around the valley is full of wild herbs just waiting to be picked!  But of course I had to do some reading and was helped along by a herb specialist!.  I love it,  having put one corner of the terrace over to a mini  herb garden I can’t stop,  mint tea by the jug full!The smell is very comforting and I love crunching up the dried leaves.

Olive oil infusions,  with diferent herbs have been made and put into bottles. Whatever next!!

a quiet corner
basil junction


Well I must go now, the sun is still shining and it is time for a sun downer.

Be back again soon with more news from the Valley of  Happiness.

Living with Cats

Harvey had so many things to learn especially sharing a house with 5 cats!  He was young and very nervous, especially with men and would shake if a man approached him. Reverse was always the safest move.

The cats all quite elderly and very set in their ways viewed him from a distance and made notes about his behaviour, especially any sign of affection on either side. They would often slink around the chair and spy on him, taking liberties when he was asleep.   Harvey loves his sleep and finds it quite difficult to get up in the morning which means he often misses what is going on around him. Perfect for cats testing the boundaries, which they often did until one day  when one cat didn’t have a bed to sleep in, the tables turned. Harvey was going to take control.  He dragged Katie’s bed to the centre of the room and settled down for his siesta,  pity he couldn’t fit his bottom in!!

the tables had turned

Then came Harvey

                                                     digesting the rules

Having a new life in Spain was one thing, taking on a dog was another, especially with 5 cats already in the house and laying down the rules. Harvey walked into  the court-yard one bright and sunny morning, wrapping himself around a large plant pot where he was convinced no one could see him, pity about the tail though!

Our life was about to change, after exchanging words with Harvey on the step and making it very clear who was in charge, he was now on a trial run, his fate was in his paws. It soon became clear that he had probably experienced some nasty behaviour from his last owner. Which meant a lot of love and trust had to be delivered on both sides. Sitting on the sofa at that point in time was not an option, things have now changed. His first test was to enter the house and pass 5 cats, not easy, especially on stairs, and spending the night with them became a nightmare, and that was just one night, changes had to take place. Harvey finished up with his own room, a window sill to sit on and howl at the moon, and sleep on a comfy bed.   The trial period continued….and regular updates will appear later.

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