Living with Cats

Harvey had so many things to learn especially sharing a house with 5 cats!  He was young and very nervous, especially with men and would shake if a man approached him. Reverse was always the safest move.

The cats all quite elderly and very set in their ways viewed him from a distance and made notes about his behaviour, especially any sign of affection on either side. They would often slink around the chair and spy on him, taking liberties when he was asleep.   Harvey loves his sleep and finds it quite difficult to get up in the morning which means he often misses what is going on around him. Perfect for cats testing the boundaries, which they often did until one day  when one cat didn’t have a bed to sleep in, the tables turned. Harvey was going to take control.  He dragged Katie’s bed to the centre of the room and settled down for his siesta,  pity he couldn’t fit his bottom in!!

the tables had turned


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