August Already

I really don’t know where the times goes,  but now is fiesta time in the valley with bands, dancing, blue skies, flamenco and fireworks.   Not exciting for Harvey he hates them, but  long walks and swimming  in the lake later in the day for him is bliss.

Saleres in a trumpet


 August is when we say goodbye to the swallows, they arrive in May and build a nest in the courtyard, which is very convenient because we can watch them being fed while sipping  cool wine  .  This year we had 4 babies, but whilst they all survived their parents misjudged the size of the nest, so they all slept with their bottoms hanging out!

he who shouts loudest gets fed first

do not disturb

some like it hot


I often wonder if we should change the house name from Casa Mulo which means ‘mule house’ to Noahs Ark,  given the amount of  animals that seem to visit.  Snake’s love to bask in the sun and what better place than the olive pot.

 I won’t mention too much about the other pastime’s going on under the post box facing the office window!!


standing in line

 Everyday the village has a good selections of van’s arriving with fresh food and you can guarantee that in the line will be either dogs, usually waiting for the bread van or cats waiting for the fish van. It seems that every dog or cat in the village will always recognise the horn that belongs to  each van.  Needless to say Harvey is always the one at the front of the que.

credit crunch has arrived in the valley


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