A message from Harvey

R&R in my armchair

Thank you everyone who telephoned and sent e mails asking about my health it was very kind of you. I was justwalking home in the week after spending a lovely day with my friends at the finca when everything went horribly wrong.  We had  been having so much fun, my owner was taking photos, very important photos, and guess what we all managed to get in them! 


Just look,  Missy was on look out  duty  by the door,  while I had a quick try on the arm-chair, scrummy all soft and smooth and I could see the mountains through the window. Rocket only has little legs so he had to take frequent snoozing sessions.

On my walk back to the casa I ate something that turned out to be poison, 15 minutes later I was twirling around and shaking, my eyes were blood shot and I was very frightened. Thank goodness my owners knew what to do, they put me in the car and set off to the vets at an alarming speed  time was very important  because 30 minutes is all you have to reverse the poison.  Normally I like the car and can watch out of the window and see the mountains and the lake, but I couldn’t even hold my head up let alone sit up.  The road whizzed by and every swerve sent me to the next planet.  The car pulled up practically in the middle of the road and I was whisked out and met by the vet,  who quickly put on a metal table, while he put a drip in my leg.

The room was still spinning around and my legs had turned to jelly, I was very frightened but couldn’t do anything about it, but plenty of cuddles came my way and I felt tear drops falling on my nose, but not from my eyes, they were too blood shot.  I knew it was serious, and I wanted to be at home in my favourite chair with the cat’s and wishing the pain would stop.  One more phone call and the vet carried me to the car holding the drip in his mouth. We were going to the hospital in Granada  and I had to stay in. The tears I felt running down my nose this time were mine as I saw my owners leaving.  The drip stayed in for 24 hours and later the following day I was collected, what a relief.  I went to the vets office to say goodbye and unfortunately all the fluid that went in  during the night  came out with such a whoosh I couldn’t stop  it, we were marooned on an island while the urine swept past my paws and under the door.

Back in the car I experienced Granada city at night, lights flashing, people walking around talking, motor bikes weaving around and traffic lights that couldn’t make up their mind whether they wanted to be red or green.

The city life is not for me and that’s why I am taking it easy in my arm-chair.



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