Crumble court yard

Site manager
It’s all very well having a project manager and it sounds very good on the television,  in practice I am not convinced about their abilities.
What ever made me agree to repairing the court-yard I will never know, but how could I go wrong with my own project manager being around.
Work always started early morning because of the heat, and that was a mistake I don’t do early mornings. First of all there was the searching in the local diy warehouse for cement of course it was all in Spanish, that didn’t help, but by the time I found the cement I realised it was called cement. Strange,  having taken great care to collect a strange looking trolley , of course the bag couldn’t be lifted on to it, well I couldn’t lift it on! with a helping hand from Elaine and a big smile . I checked out, and as I did I asked if someone would put it into the car,  job done.
Being what would be classed by a builder as a small job the mixing had to be done by hand in a large round bucket, used a lot in Spain, have you any idea how hard this was, my arm was being wrenched out of its socket with every turn of the trowel.  Sweat was rolling down my face and my knees had locked under the strain of kneeling.  Then came the time to clear the walls of plaster, simple I thought a small tap here and there and it would crumble away. What I didnt know about was the dust , sand and bricks that would follow.  My heart sank as my eye lids stuck together with dust, there was no sign of the project manager and no wonder after hearing his bowl being filled with biscuites.
The cement mixing never ended, and everytime I put it on the wall it fell off!  soon sorted that out, I had forgotten to water the wall first.  At the end of the day I was so glad to go to my bed!  However the court yard is looking much better with a new top on the pergola, in a bright yellow although the tin said mustard, we can all enjoy our coffee in peace and tranquilty as we admire the plants.

yellow or mustard


coffee in peace


a corner of peace

Everyone at Casa Mulo is given a special place!!!

do not disturb


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