Women sharing experiences.

rabari woman


The word “Rabari” basically means the “outsiders”. This is because of their trade and what they used to do in times past. The Rabari’s main business used to be raising cattle, camels and goats; for some traditional-minded families this is still the case now but the new generation is slowly moving away from this way of  life. The  animals need lots of space for grazing and pasturing.

Due to this reason, the Rabari couldn’t live in town houses and have room for their animals also. They started living on the outskirts of towns and beyond for this necessity. This community was given a name by the general populace -“Dhani“. Dhani means the Basti-community. As they were outside the main community, so the name became Rabari for these wandering and herding people. In actual fact Rabari are hun rajput. They invaded on india in 507 AD. and ruled from 509 to 511AD. and their king was Mihrikula who was leader of hun rajput. If we go to the early history their head was ATTILLA THE HUN.  Attilla the hun was born in southern part of Russia.

Rabari people living and working in the same way as they have done for generations can be found now in small villages that are not easy to find. I have worked and spent a lot of time with the Rabari over a number of years, gaining their trust, and sharing small parts of their life and mine, as much as I could, with the restrictions of language.

Rabari women are full of curiosity when it comes to other women, a study of your ear rings, a quick check for tattoos, and confirmation that you have children will almost ensure that the kettle or tin will be put on for chai. The chai will usually arrive on a saucer with a genuine crack on the side , but don’t worry about that,  just turn the saucer around, sit down and watch the buffalo in the yard.  Once the formalities are over you maybe in luck and she will share a huge bundle of embroideries with you. Taking photos is another thing. For me there isn’t a problem and after I have had several saucer’s of tea we can then talk about my ‘friends’ taking photos.  This the way it works and they look forward  excitedly  to my arrival with new women on my tours.

Tattoos and silver are very important in their life, all tattoos have a significant meaning and silver jewellery is a sign of wealth.

tattoos ^ silver


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