Hello, its me Harvey

enjoying myself

Hello everybody,  I went to the vet to have my blood checked , liver not a 100%  but she said not to worry, and I will be fine.  But I did have to have some drops in my ears, so I decided that I didn’t feel like having that done and I went under her desk so she would not see me.  Funny thing  was  she did see me and got on her hands and knees and came under the table to put sticky stuff in my ears. What a shock!

I pretended I was shy and let her put the drops in.  On the way out she gave me a chew or two or three, but grabbed them on the run as I was going to stay there a moment longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was also told that I must not eat the cat biscuit’s.  You can imagine what a blow that was, makes my day to fillup on them to say nothing of what it does to the cats!!


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