When I hear the word Rabari it sends a ripple of excitement through my whole body. I have worked with this group of nomadic people for many years, followed them across deserts, watched them loading and unloading their camels, attended naming ceremonies of their children and watched their camels being born.

They travel hundreds of miles with their animals and cross deserts to attend various festivals most of which are unknown to people that trave.  Quilts are a very big part of their life, they are made for special occasions, childbirth,marriage or presents, but each quilt tells a story.  A quilt will often express their feelings, known mostly by the women who make them.  Old quilts are becoming very difficult to find and are sought by collectors from around the world.

But if your happy to look and experience their culture,  friendliness and laughs you wont be disappointed when you take one of our tours, take a look.

quilts with secrets


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