shoot the photographer!

I have a saying that I use over and over again when anyone asks me about India.

India never lets you down, when it comes to entertainment,  you don’t have to look for it,  because it will come to you.  For many years I worked as a wedding photographer in London, convenient as the wedding season, was the time that I didn’t work in India. I can remember having nightmares after certain weddings, wondering how the photos would turn out, especially the weddings that could have been mistaken for a rugby scrum, or the bride that went into labour before reaching the church, I think the jaw dropping one was a young couple who had decided to use a pony and trap, very popular in those days! and one chosen shot was the couple and the pony, magic, as  they were  looking into each others eyes, I said quietly ‘  gentle kiss ‘  and he kissed the pony, he really thought that was what I wanted!!

Entertainment came my way when I was going to see one of the most beautiful forts in Rajasthan , a dream location for any photographer, everything you could wish for soft lighting, stunning scenery and privacy.

This is what I saw from a photographer that had it all,  except,  he changed the rules

finding the right location is a priority

 Finding the right location  is a must,  and remember this photographer is just 5 minutes away from this

the perfect setting

Not sure about the guests in the background, but then after my experience with the pony who knows.

no this is a guest, look behind you for the white dress

looks as if the couple are going to meet the new guests  


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