Threads Through India

Well here it is, we have been working on this exciting and very different womens tour to Gujarat, India.  As many of you know we have been taking small groups of women on  holiday for years, but this tour now includes 8 workshops.   For the lover of all things textile this is the tour for you.  Further information can be seen on



Really Excited about our Textile Tour to Gujarat

 Well the sun is still shining here in sunny Spain despite the much needed rain showers we have been having.   As you can see there has been a little delay in sending posts these past weeks, that is because I have been away on one of our womens tours to India.  This particular tour was really exciting though because we have been making big plans for a very special textile tour which is going to take place February/March 2013.  We have teamed up with ane expert in textiles who is based in Yorkshire and who will be accompanying this particular tour.  With her expert textile knowledge and our expert knowledge of India this tour will be the best yet.  Further information about Mary Holt can be seen on Image  We have arranged for several workshops and an excellent price for the air ticket which is on limited offer.  We feel that the places on this tour will go quickly so we advise an early booking.   For further details and information contact

Now listen to me

Whenever I go out for my walks, I have to be very, very careful about my behaviour.  You see if I say or do the wrong thing then I may not get my treats.  I know I look great with this snazzy red scarf on, but don’t be fooled because I don’t always behave as I look.  I am a bit of a rascal and love to chase things, especially cat’s.  So the last time I went out  I practiced biting my tongue and being on my best behaviour.


Because  I know this always gets me treats!!


Loose Tongues – Loses Treats

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