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Well here it is, we have been working on this exciting and very different womens tour to Gujarat, India.  As many of you know we have been taking small groups of women on  holiday for years, but this tour now includes 8 workshops.   For the lover of all things textile this is the tour for you.  Further information can be seen on



Really Excited about our Textile Tour to Gujarat

 Well the sun is still shining here in sunny Spain despite the much needed rain showers we have been having.   As you can see there has been a little delay in sending posts these past weeks, that is because I have been away on one of our womens tours to India.  This particular tour was really exciting though because we have been making big plans for a very special textile tour which is going to take place February/March 2013.  We have teamed up with ane expert in textiles who is based in Yorkshire and who will be accompanying this particular tour.  With her expert textile knowledge and our expert knowledge of India this tour will be the best yet.  Further information about Mary Holt can be seen on Image  We have arranged for several workshops and an excellent price for the air ticket which is on limited offer.  We feel that the places on this tour will go quickly so we advise an early booking.   For further details and information contact

Now listen to me

Whenever I go out for my walks, I have to be very, very careful about my behaviour.  You see if I say or do the wrong thing then I may not get my treats.  I know I look great with this snazzy red scarf on, but don’t be fooled because I don’t always behave as I look.  I am a bit of a rascal and love to chase things, especially cat’s.  So the last time I went out  I practiced biting my tongue and being on my best behaviour.


Because  I know this always gets me treats!!


Loose Tongues – Loses Treats

shoot the photographer!

I have a saying that I use over and over again when anyone asks me about India.

India never lets you down, when it comes to entertainment,  you don’t have to look for it,  because it will come to you.  For many years I worked as a wedding photographer in London, convenient as the wedding season, was the time that I didn’t work in India. I can remember having nightmares after certain weddings, wondering how the photos would turn out, especially the weddings that could have been mistaken for a rugby scrum, or the bride that went into labour before reaching the church, I think the jaw dropping one was a young couple who had decided to use a pony and trap, very popular in those days! and one chosen shot was the couple and the pony, magic, as  they were  looking into each others eyes, I said quietly ‘  gentle kiss ‘  and he kissed the pony, he really thought that was what I wanted!!

Entertainment came my way when I was going to see one of the most beautiful forts in Rajasthan , a dream location for any photographer, everything you could wish for soft lighting, stunning scenery and privacy.

This is what I saw from a photographer that had it all,  except,  he changed the rules

finding the right location is a priority

 Finding the right location  is a must,  and remember this photographer is just 5 minutes away from this

the perfect setting

Not sure about the guests in the background, but then after my experience with the pony who knows.

no this is a guest, look behind you for the white dress

looks as if the couple are going to meet the new guests  

Dreaming dreams and making them come true

How long have you be dreaming about going to India?  Life is too short to dream, go for it.

Click into the link and see what you are missing

With over 30 years experience in India,  I will show you the real India,  a holiday  that you will never forget

discover India –   discover yourself


Tiger Travel

Too posh to push? Not in India

when all else fails go to sleep


It never ceases to amaze me just how much can be moved by a cycle rickshaw.  Anything between 1 and 6 people manage to get on a cycle rickshaw that is meant for 2 people!  Even that is pushing i.  Can you believe it I often have to take a rickshaw,  not to carry anything, but to enable me to cross the road!


Take Jaipur as a good example, main road 2 lanes, solid and impossible to cross, why because of what is on the road. Jeeps, cars,bicycles, horses, horse and cart, camels,elephant, dogs, goats, buses, lorries, people,children and  usually someone playing a flute and selling yellow dusters at the same time. Holy men in orange making their way to the temple. What do you find at the roundabout a policeman puffing away on a biddi scratching his scrotum. A regular pastime in India. I have never been sure as to whether they are just checking that all is ok or there really is an itch.


Unfortunately I fell off a rickshaw on my last tour only to see all of the above coming towards me as I lay on the road.  Moving as swiftly as possible and climbing back on the rickshaw,  I was just in time to see the driver straighten his turban, have a scratch, nod his head and peddle off!  Watch this space for more tales from the tour leader!!!


oil drums –  no problem





























well, this takes the biscuit the boss said it was a small load!














keep your mind on the traffic


When I hear the word Rabari it sends a ripple of excitement through my whole body. I have worked with this group of nomadic people for many years, followed them across deserts, watched them loading and unloading their camels, attended naming ceremonies of their children and watched their camels being born.

They travel hundreds of miles with their animals and cross deserts to attend various festivals most of which are unknown to people that trave.  Quilts are a very big part of their life, they are made for special occasions, childbirth,marriage or presents, but each quilt tells a story.  A quilt will often express their feelings, known mostly by the women who make them.  Old quilts are becoming very difficult to find and are sought by collectors from around the world.

But if your happy to look and experience their culture,  friendliness and laughs you wont be disappointed when you take one of our tours, take a look.

quilts with secrets

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