Too posh to push? Not in India

when all else fails go to sleep


It never ceases to amaze me just how much can be moved by a cycle rickshaw.  Anything between 1 and 6 people manage to get on a cycle rickshaw that is meant for 2 people!  Even that is pushing i.  Can you believe it I often have to take a rickshaw,  not to carry anything, but to enable me to cross the road!


Take Jaipur as a good example, main road 2 lanes, solid and impossible to cross, why because of what is on the road. Jeeps, cars,bicycles, horses, horse and cart, camels,elephant, dogs, goats, buses, lorries, people,children and  usually someone playing a flute and selling yellow dusters at the same time. Holy men in orange making their way to the temple. What do you find at the roundabout a policeman puffing away on a biddi scratching his scrotum. A regular pastime in India. I have never been sure as to whether they are just checking that all is ok or there really is an itch.


Unfortunately I fell off a rickshaw on my last tour only to see all of the above coming towards me as I lay on the road.  Moving as swiftly as possible and climbing back on the rickshaw,  I was just in time to see the driver straighten his turban, have a scratch, nod his head and peddle off!  Watch this space for more tales from the tour leader!!!


oil drums –  no problem





























well, this takes the biscuit the boss said it was a small load!














keep your mind on the traffic

February Already!

Hello Everyone,

Here we are again thinking where has the time gone.  One minute in India,  next home for Christmas and I am now getting ready for my next tour back to India!.  So I am still behind on my blog.  The sun  is still shining and a deep blue sky is always looking down.  The country side or campo as they call it here in Spain has the new crop of oranges, olives, and just to brighten up the scene blossoms are in full bloom. The valley is tranquil and the snow is sitting on the top of the mountains like icing suger.

vines in the campo


Harvey is skipping around and looking very dapper, as you can see,  and likes to show off his new dance steps



man about town Harvey and I went for a walk this afternoon, and of course took the camera! Lecrin valley is such a beautiful place, we walked along goat paths, and said hello to the goats and admired the breath-taking scenery, the air was crisp but it was very warm. All this outside our front door, I sometimes wonder if it is all a dream. We live in a beautiful village, can you believe the total number of people living here is approximately 200 !The valley is awash with the new olive crops, oranges and almond blossom.




Not enough hours in each day

Apologies for taking so long to get back to my blog,  there are just not enough hours in each day to do all that I want to do, as you can see I have been in my kitchen again, home made bread and homemade jam, not to mention the scones and chocolate cake.

Here we are December 12th and no shortage of sunshine, although the logs have arrived, just in case!

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