Too posh to push? Not in India

when all else fails go to sleep


It never ceases to amaze me just how much can be moved by a cycle rickshaw.  Anything between 1 and 6 people manage to get on a cycle rickshaw that is meant for 2 people!  Even that is pushing i.  Can you believe it I often have to take a rickshaw,  not to carry anything, but to enable me to cross the road!


Take Jaipur as a good example, main road 2 lanes, solid and impossible to cross, why because of what is on the road. Jeeps, cars,bicycles, horses, horse and cart, camels,elephant, dogs, goats, buses, lorries, people,children and  usually someone playing a flute and selling yellow dusters at the same time. Holy men in orange making their way to the temple. What do you find at the roundabout a policeman puffing away on a biddi scratching his scrotum. A regular pastime in India. I have never been sure as to whether they are just checking that all is ok or there really is an itch.


Unfortunately I fell off a rickshaw on my last tour only to see all of the above coming towards me as I lay on the road.  Moving as swiftly as possible and climbing back on the rickshaw,  I was just in time to see the driver straighten his turban, have a scratch, nod his head and peddle off!  Watch this space for more tales from the tour leader!!!


oil drums –  no problem





























well, this takes the biscuit the boss said it was a small load!














keep your mind on the traffic

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